With love and gratitude to all the Mother’s on Mother’s Day.

What is a Mother figure?

I am very blessed to still have my mum on this planet (Dorothy) still in my life. My Mum has been amazing throughout my whole life and I am so very grateful.


However , for others who aren’t as lucky and they haven’t had a good relationship with their mum. people that have lost their mum, are not able to have children etc, This can be a lonely and more challenging time. So, for those that have lost a mum or a mother figure to heaven I am sending you a huge hug with lots of love. Leading up and on Mothers day which is this Sunday in the UK. 


To me when I think of the word Mother I think of someone who looks after things a mother of all. This can be children, dogs, cats, pets, plants, trees, the sea. A Mother figure/person who is a carer can be Sister, Auntie, Grand mother, Nurse, Home help, Girlfriend, Wife, Refugee worker, Social worker, Teacher, the list is endless. 


To me a Mother is a person who loves and cares for another and for me and many others it doesn’t have to be a birth mother. 


Both Shonagh the Crow and I are Mothers. Shonagh is a mother to three boys, fish and a cat. I am a mother to a son and will soon be a mother to a very lively puppy that will be joining me next month. 


Being a mother is never always a easy one. It is full of challenges if you have a pet or child then seeing them sick or crying is heart breaking.  If you have kids and have been home schooling on and off the last year then brings other challenges. 


However with all the challenges that being a mother can bring, being a mother also brings some much love, joy and laughter……


I always laugh and say I have two children in my household which is son and also my husband and now I will be blessed with three next month  – which will also be another male in the household.


On this post I am sharing today, I would like to talk about different kind of amazing mother figures.

Two amazing Goddess's/Ascended Masters you can connect and work with are:

Mother Earth/Gaia and Mother Mary.

Mother Earth/Gaia

Mother Mary

Mother Earth also know to some as Gaia is the Great Mother to us all. Her love is unconditional she is our sacred mother of all that is. Mother Earth represents the Earth and all in it. She looks after all nature on this planet from humans, animals, insects, flowers, trees, plants.

As a Goddess she also represents Motherhood, fertility and creation.

Connect with Mother Earth for love, wisdom, healing, grounding peace and guidance.

Her love is unconditional. When you connect with her love you can feel her energy in your whole being.

Mother Earth is the female counterpart to Father Sky and joined as one represents Heaven and Earth. We are all their divine children. 

When you call upon Mother Earth for help it is always good to give her an offering. 

This can be done by doing something to help the environment. If you see some litter pick it up. Help to preserve our environment by taking care it. Trying to use less plastic. Use public transport when safe instead of using your car. Walk to the shop to get a pint of milk instead of using your car. 

Plant seeds and dedicate them to her.

Mother Mary was the Mother to Jesus. Mother Mary is most known to all when Angel Gabrielle visited her and told her that she would be giving birth to baby Jesus. Then her long trip to Bethlehem where she gave birth to Jesus in a stable. Finally her heart breaking experience when she saw her son die on a cross. 

Mother Mary’s energy is so pure. Her presence is divine light that embraces you with unconditional love. 

You can call upon her for help when you need any time of healing. Whether it is mental or physical.

I call her to help me when I give Spiritual healing to others. 

When you ask for Mother Mary’s help it is always good to honour her help with an offering. 

The best way you can do this is to do a selfless and kind act for someone else or pray to her.

The type of selfless acts we can peform as an offering to Mother Mary is vast. You honour her by simply by helping someone up the stairs with their suitcase or a mother with her pram. Giving a homeless person some food for them to eat. When you see someone crying ask them if they are ok or giving up your seat to someone who needs it more then you. 

I hope that you do these kind acts for others anyway and always help others that need help. 

When you do something nice for others the Universe always repays you in return as long as you are doing the kind act with a pure heart.

Other Mother figures -
I would like to give love and gratude to are..


Amma – Mother of hugs………


During my spiritual path I have been lucky to have had two hugs from Amma. The first hug brought a tear to my eye. The second wasn’t as enlightening as the first but still nice. 

Now if any of you have had a hug from Amma you will all have different experiences on it. 

The one thing you do have to do is wait hours to get one. 

It’s nice in some ways as you get to chat to others while you are waiting and you can purchase some yummy veggie food.


In the background you can hear chanting and you also get to listen to her speech which was interesting and nice. 


So, THE HUG…..


The first one I had I could really feel her energy which was lovely for a few seconds, sadly until her helpers rip you off her, ready for the next person. 


The second was nice but was it worth waiting hours to get one. Yes and no. Was again a long time to wait but will still a nice experience. 


Would I go again ? 

Due to the amount of time you have to wait I would probably say no. Unless it was in her Ashram then maybe.


However if you get a chance to get one of her hugs and if you don’t mind waiting hours to get one, go with a friend so you have someone to talk to while you are waiting and make sure that you keep your ticket safe. As without it you won’t get your hug. 


The reason why I am mentioning her is for a few reasons. 


She hugs people for hours without a break. Hopefully giving them the spiritual and enlightening experience they were waiting for.  I for one couldn’t hug people for hours I would be exhausted. 


However  the main reason I am mentioning her is that Amma does a lot of humanity work and for that reason I would like to honour her as she is a Mother figure to many around the world. 


If you would like to learn more about her and the work she does then please click on the link below.




Jane Goodhall and Dian Fossey.....

Both this women dedicated their lives to be a Mother Figures to Primates. As a huge fan of Primates I am honoured to mention them to you all. 

You can find out about these most extraordinary women who gave their lives to mother primates at –

About Jane – The Jane Goodall InstituteAbout Jane – The Jane Goodall Institute

Home | Dian Fossey (gorillafund.org)

Caroylne Bennett

The last Mother figure I would like to mention is my Life Coach and my Law of Attraction teacher.

I have been working with Carolyne for abound a year. Working with Carolyne is what gave me the confidence to start our sisterhood circle. 

Carolyne has helped me in my home life, showed me how to work properly with the Law of Attraction and my life has accelerated since. 

Carolyne showed me so many different techniques that I am so looking forward to sharing with you all. 


Carolyne has helped to make so many women’s lives better. I hope that everything that she has taught me that I get to share with you, helps you all on your spiritual paths just as much as she did for me.


So for all the Mother’s out their, with love and gratitude thank you for looking after and caring for something living and helping to make it’s life a better one.

Love hugs and a little bit of sparkle. 

Traditionally Mothering Sunday started in the Middle Ages  as a pilgrimage to return to the Church that you received your first baptism. A day to renew your spiritual faith from the place that it started. There is something beautiful about remembering where you took your first spiritual steps. Try to take some time out on Sunday to just meditate about your first spiritual experience – the one that made you feel there was something more, that you belonged to something bigger. It could be the experience that made you want to learn more or the experience that let you know you would be ok, it might just take  some time. Remember those safe spiritual experiences, renew them and keep them in your heart for the year to come. 


By the 1950’s Mothering Sunday had become the day we now know, celebrating the work of women in motherhood, a time to thank your own mothers and those who have played a mothering role. 


As Nicola mentioned above I am a mother to three boys, this will be the first year I will celebrate Mothers day without my eldest child as he is no longer at home.  As a mother I am incredibly proud of him spreading his wings and hope he finds joy, happiness and love outside the family home, but I do miss him!   I am lucky to still have my mother, Gwyneth, with me although this mothers day she will spend in Scotland with the marvel of modern technology a family zoom call will still be able to connect us.


For many mothers day can be difficult if you no longer have your mother with you or you have a difficult relationship this can be a day of painful remembrance and we send you love and peace.


For everyone who takes on the mothering role – with our children both those we birth and those we choose to love, for blended families, with friends, our fur babies, with our planet – you are amazing and deserve all the love, peace and happiness today. 


Mothers day can also be a day that you take out for yourself to connect to powerful female aspects to work with them to bring the energy of caring and love into your life. An aspect I connect to when I need the strength to carry on mothering those around me is the Cailleach.

The Cailleach

I have told the tale of the Winter Goddess the Cailleach in a previous post. However this is only one of her aspects. The Cailleach is one of the most important Goddesses in Scotland, however she is viewed more as the Spirit of the land and worshipped that way compared to the veneration we often see in other Goddesses. The Cailleach is credited with the creation of Scotland in some tales, by raising the mountains and looking after the land. The Cailleach can be found in the streams and stones, in the leaves and earth. The Deer belong to the Cailleach and it is thought that she is an incredibly ancient deity not brought with the Celtic peoples to Scotland but a deity given by the Pictish peoples who inhabited the land before them. The Cailleach even reached English mythology with many connecting Black Annis appearing as a black cat with the Cailleach deity. 


When I personally invoke the Cailleach is to ask for inner strength for help to fight through a tough time, for the appreciation of your path through life. However it can be for the protection of something including the earth around you, to look after something deep and ancient. 


With invoking the Cailleach we are standing beside her power working with her to reach those goals rather than expecting her to do the work. Find a quiet place, preferably outside to connect to the Cailleach due to her Earth sprit nature and place into your mind your intention, what you are seeking her help for. You can either say your intentions outload whilst offering her a blessing. You can also write in paper and send to her via burning in fire and putting the paper out in water then burying the ashes in the ground using the elements of nature to connect with her. 


Although she is not of the Tuatha de Danann pantheon a blessing given needs appreciation, clearing the earth, a feast in her name and an offering of those that get better with age – Wine, cider, chees all given freely and in her name.


I am the Cailleach, Goddess of Winter, Mother of Mountains, Ageless Lady of Dark Places, Ancient Crone of Wisdom. The Winter brings the Spring, and in death, I am endlessly renewed.

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