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Winter Solstice, transforming energy and celebrations of a different kind

This has been a difficult year for everyone we have spoken to for so many reasons, as saying that went round the internet that sums it up – We are all in the same storm but traversing in different boats. Whilst the new year may feel as though it is more of the same, that we are weary, that this has been lasting forever – Solstice is the time to know that this too will pass. 

This year we will also be experiencing the astrological phenomena that is the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Our last blog spoke more on this subject but it is a positive sign (and Astronomy, due to the position of the sun in our skies) to be occurring at the same time as our Winter Solstice.

We celebrate the Winter Solstice also known as Yule on 21st of December this year the energy last for 3 days. This is our longest night and time to reflect on the issues you have had and know they will pass and seek things that you want. This year the celebrations are tinged for many with a poignancy as due to national lockdowns/Tiers we are not able to celebrate in our normal manner with friends and family and there maybe many things to reflect upon about this year that we want to pass quickly! 

Whilst we can’t celebrate the way that we would want to a shared zoom ritual or meeting is a great way to connect with others on your spiritual journey. The Unicorn and I will be attending a couple of ceremonies and hope that you find one that calls to you. If you are alone or with family that means you cannot take time out a simple solstice ritual can recognise the year and the most important part is your intentions, the feelings and energy you put into it. Our Ritual to clear negative energy and thoughts is perfect for the Solstice and can be done in a small and private corner or as large as you want.

Let the universe know you feel them and would like them to pass now, to think about how you want your future to look. To send that energy out to the universe and to take steps in the next year to make it a reality. The Universe will listen and if you can, take the steps to go forward to a happier, healthier you.

This is the time to contemplate, rest, sleep in the warmth of your home and acknowledge what has hurt you, made you feel sad, grief over the year.

We are looking forward to working with you on self care, the point of self care is to help you have a healthy mind, body and spirit. They are joined and when one goes out of balance it can take a lot of work to bring them all back.

It’s not just about taking time out every now and again to recharge. Its about listening to your body, your mind and your spirit and recognising that you need to step back and look after yourself before you reach a tipping point.  

Self care gestures don’t have to be large, grand and expensive. Some of the best self care and love we give ourselves is just recognising what we have to deal with, that we may not be coping and that we have to ask for help or accept help. This doesn’t make you weak or less of a person or a failure. It takes strength to expose a weakness and ask and accept help. It takes strength to acknowledge what is going wrong as it is painful. But we know you can do it. 

Above all, be kind to yourself and your feelings, they are yours and they may not be the ones you want but without exploring them you can’t get rid of them. Working with us over the new year you will have our support and the knowledge we care.

You may find that you need further help to explore those feelings. For example shadow work, aromatherapy, Reiki, life coaching, medication, counselling and need the support to be in depth and on going, you may only need one or two sessions. The journey may be a long one or shorter then you think but please take those first steps and be proud that you did.

 A note, if you are suffering from mental health problems and your thoughts are of self harm to yourself or others, severe feelings of unworthiness, just a pit of despair please, please reach out to speak to your Doctor, someone you trust, a helpline you are not alone.

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