Well being – Take care of your body – January 2021.

Hi Sisters, 


Being a Holistic therapist, I like to try to keep my Body, Mind and Soul in balance as much as possible. 


Once a month and where possible I will be giving you all ideas how to keep your body in a state of homeostasis. 


This month as most of us have been feeling the stress of being in lock down. I felt that doing some light stretching could be really beneficial as if you working from home, home schooling or sitting down more often than you normally would, you will start to feel more tension in your lower back, neck and shoulders. 


Gently stretching can really help to loosen the muscles in that area. 


Below are some gentle exercises that will help to loosen the above areas.


Please note the exercises are for people who don’t have any health conditions or injuries. So, if you have any health conditions or injuries please check with your doctor before doing any type of exercise. Even gentle stretching. Also remember the exercises below are suppose to be done slowly and gently to achieve the maximum results.

Neck stretch.

Child’s pose. 

Enjoy sisters, hope it helps,

Love and hugs and a little bit of sparkle, The Unicorn xxx 

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