Tasty healthy food for you: Vegetarian/Vegan soup.

Good afternoon Sisters,


I’m not sure about you but when I don’t feel my best, I like to cook myself some homemade vegetable soup.


I woke up feeling really tired and out of sorts this morning. So, I decided that I wanted something warm and comforting for lunch.


I rooted around in my fridge and I found a bag of parsnips that had gone past it’s best by date. Had a good feel and smell and they were still nice and fresh.


So, I looked up recipes for Parsnip soup and the decided to use this one from the BBC good food  as it sounded comforting.


I decided to see if I could make a vegan option by changing some of the ingredients so instead of using cream, I used
Elmlea plant based double cream instead.


I also didn’t use the chilli flakes on this occasion and I didn’t make the croutons. However, if I had I would have just left the cheese out.


It came out really light and creamy and my husband and son who don’t like parsnips very much, had a taste and said it tasted yummy.


I hope you enjoy ladies,


Bon Appetite,


Love and hugs and a little bit of sparkle.


Love from the Unicorn xxx

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