Uncondition love – Self love and forgiveness.

Unconditional and Self Love


So, what is unconditional love?


Unconditional love is when you love someone unconditionally without any limitations or conditions.

When you love someone unconditionally you can feel it in every cell of your body. It makes your whole being glow and feel warm.


Some people call unconditional love,

True love

complete love

eternal love

undying love

forever love

Unselfish love


It is when you love some under all circumstances and you love them no matter what and without reason. When we bare our soul’s and truly love someone so much.


Do you think that you can truly love someone unconditionally without any limitations or conditions? 


I was talking to my sister Shonagh if we think that we love anyone unconditionally. I love my son unconditionally. I honestly don’t think that there is anything that would stop me from loving him as much as I do. 


Do you feel that you are always loved the same back?


For some people YES, they are loved unconditionally back. For others sadly the answer is no.

I have been very blessed in my life to have had one or two men that have loved me unconditionally.

I have also sadly lost one of those men that unconditionally loved me with all his heart and I think it is only till you lose that person that you can see how much they truly loved you and how much they meant to you.

For most people when you lose someone that you really love, you put barriers up, as you never want to be hurt like that again.

This is when you need to work on healing your heart so that you can learn to love again.

There is that that old saying:

Is it better to love someone then never love at all?


My answer is always YES, it is better to love someone.

Louise Hay always talks about what you give out you will receive. What you mirror out to the world will return back to you. I really believe what she says as I am a huge fan of working with the universe. I am grateful for everything in my life. As I am grateful for everything in my life amazing things fall in my lap and are gifted to me or placed in front of me.

When you join our monthly sisterhood circle, I will be giving you lots of tips on how to bring all the amazing things you would like into your life using the Law of Attraction.

Why do I work with the Law of Attraction?




The Law of Attraction is the most amazing spiritual tool you can you use in your life

Finding Self Love


Some of us are very blessed to be in a loving relationship. Or to have someone in our lives who is a family member or friend to love us unconditionally.

However, have you ever loved someone so much it is gut wrenching, it makes you feel sick and when you see them, they give you butterflies.  Maybe you unconditionally love someone that will never love you back and the pain hurts you so deep in your soul. You spend time wishing for the day they will love you back but they day never happens. We have all been their sisters, well most of us.


It is like getting a really hard kick in the most sensitive lady parts of or a stab right through the centre of our heart. It seems the more you love them, the more they stick their hand into your chest, pull out your heart and keep standing on it. Till your heart is broken and shattered into a thousand pieces.


Does everyone deserve to be loved?


YES Sisters, everyone deserves to be loved and happy.

YES, even those who have hurt others. It is very difficult, but we should try not to judge others, as we are not living in their mind and bodies and we don’t really know why people hurt other people or do unkind things.

Instead, we need to send them love as if they had true self love surrounding them or truly loved themselves, then they wouldn’t do the things they do. Now a lot of people will disagree with what I say and think that we shouldn’t love murders etc.

I’m not saying to love murderer’s etc. As a lot of people can’t. I am saying that if it resonates you, then send them love, it if doesn’t then don’t. We all have free will and we need to do what feels right to us.




Even from all the work I have done over the last decade I for one find this challenging to do at times. However, when I have forgiven a person for hurting me and send them love I don’t feel as much anger or pain. A lot of times I have had to do a lot work on forgiving them and sending them love on a number of occasions. When I do I feel my whole energy change. I’m not saying not to be angry, feeling angry is a good thing to recognize it and deal with it the best way you can. Then let it go sisters.  Letting something consume you with anger does not serve your highest of good. So, not to feel angry or give them any of your energy is a win in my eyes.


The old saying to forgive and forget is a good thing. I forgive people. I let the pain go. However, that doesn’t mean that I would choose to be around them. As they will be a trigger to old feelings and I don’t want to feel those feelings anymore. Sometime we have no choice but to be in the same room as that person. So, my suggestion is to surround yourself completely in love. Radiate love to everyone around you including the person who wronged you. When you get home recognize those feelings, feel what you need to feel. Write what you are feeling down if need to, write all the feelings you have good and bad. Thank them and yourself for teaching you whatever you needed to learn and then burn it and send any negative energy to Mother Earth or the Violet flame to transmit it’s energy into good.  


Remember Sisters, all the people in our lives are here to teach us life lessons, even the unkind ones. Most of the time they are mirroring something inside us that we need to work on. So take a minute to see if their traits mirror any inside of you. 

Please also take note, we are all in different situations and if you are in an abusive or challenging relationship for example. The techniques I give to others might not be the best advice for your situation, especially as we are in lock down and things are very different at the moment. Domestic violence has rocketed since lock down.  Shonagh/The crow and I will be putting a list of things charities, resources and people that can help you on our website very soon. However remember be safe and seek help when it is completely safe to do so. 

www.refuge.org.uk – 0808 2000 247 – 24 hour helpline. 

Have you ever been left heart broken?


This is the time and place where we really need work on our heart space and start to love ourselves unconditionally and bring self-love into our lives. To forgive and let go of emotions that no longer serve us.

Find self-love and surround ourselves with love.


Take back control of our lives.

When you join our monthly membership The Crow and Unicorn Sisterhood circle. I will be giving you tips, ideas etc on how to bring in more self-love into your life throughout the year. My beautiful and amazing sister Shonagh will be giving you a different amazing view of different ways to help you deal with situations. So, you will be getting help from two sisters and if that still doesn’t resonate with you on our private Facebook membership page others sisters will give you tips on how things helped to change their lives around.

So, for now beautiful and amazing sisters, I will leave you with this affirmation:


I deserve to be loved unconditionally every day and in every way.

I am love and surround myself with love.

I open my heart to receive love in all ways and forms and I radiate my love to everyone around me.


If you find that hard another version you can say is:


I am willing to believe that I deserve to be loved every day and in every way.

I am willing to believe that I am love and surround myself with love.

I am willing to open my heart and receive love in all ways and forms. I am now ready to radiate my love to everyone around me


Please say it three times as the power of three increases the energy out to the Universe.


Once you have said the affirmation then say after.


And so, it is, thank you and so mote it be.


If the affirmation doesn’t resonate with you don’t worry, we will have a lot more when you join our monthly circle that I hope will work for you.


Sending you all a huge hug, lots of unconditional love, fairy dust and of course a little bit of sparkle.



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