Sometimes we need help to focus our mind and feel calm. Rituals are a perfect way to incorporate this into everyday life.

Often in times of stress or high emotion its helps to prepare beforehand or to calm down afterwards.

Rituals (or spells) can help focus the mind back to a calm place. The inclusion of a scent gives your subconscious mind something to latch onto and if you are going into a stressful situation you can bring that scent with you to breath in and hopefully take your mind and emotions back to a place of calm. 

For this ritual you will need a quiet space, candle and a herb of your choice to either burn or just inhale the scent. A perfume you wear can be used also. Whilst we often burn things we do recognise that there are those among us for reason cannot burn things inside, for example those with Asthma. For these rituals the most important thing is the smell and you setting your intention and a quiet place. 

Herbs most associated with calming the mind are Lavender, camomile and sage but for this ritual any smell you find soothing is absolutely fine. 


To start:

Light your candle and breath to focus your mind.


Breathe in for 4 beats, hold for 5 beats and breathe out for 4 beats. Repeat this until your mind feels calmed, focusing on your breathing only.


Think of the emotions or situation you want to deal with calmly, those feelings that no longer serve you, that are holding you back. This is setting your intention.


With that calm feeling and your intention set repeat the  ritual words 3 times, inhaling your chosen scent at the appropriate time. 

Once done repeat your breathing and thank yourself.


If you find yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed try inhaling your scent again and repeat as needed.  

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