Spiritual places to visit in your lifetime. Northern Lights – Norway

What are the Northern lights.

The scientific and actual name for the Northern lights are called the Auroral Borealis. 

The Northern lights are particles which are boosted in energy in the Earth’s upper atmospheres and when they collide with oxygen and nitrogen atoms, they produce the beautiful aural light. 

Information taken from www.loc.gov – everyday mysteries. 

Enlightening experience to see the Northern lights.

From a young age I have been very interested in meditation, yoga, alternative medicine and the mystical realm. 

However, my true Spiritual path started when someone very close to me passed away from cancer. To loss someone that close to you is truly heart breaking and even after a decade I still miss him dearly.

Through the years we visited many spiritual places and wonders of the world. Which I will be sharing with you in other posts.

Sadly, he passed away before we could visit Angkor Wat and the Northern lights.

So, I decided to go on two different trips so that I could take his ashes to the Angkor Wat in Vietnam and to the Northern lights, so he could experience these amazing places with me.

So, I started researching the best place I could see the Northern lights and then I watched a documentary about a man called Kjetil Skogli who is one of the most experienced Northern Lights hunters in Tromso Northern Norway.

He is also the same guide that took Joanna Lumley on her Northern Lights Experience.

Kjetil drove us around for a couple of trying to find us somewhere very dark with no light pollution and with completely clear skies.

To see the Northern Lights is a true blessing. Some people travel to Norway or other places and never get to see them.

Luckily a few other Northern light hunters keep in contact by radio and will let each other know if they see them, or a place where they might be able to see them.

After driving for a few hours, he got a call on his radio and then he reassured us that he thought that we would be able to see them very soon.

I was travelling with a very good friend of mine called Alison who also sadly lost her mum to cancer.

When we finally reached our destination and looked up at the sky it was truly breath-taking.

The easiest way to describe them is to say that it is the best light show you will ever see and when you watch them, you feel like you are watching something truly magical.

We brought two Chinese lanterns with us and we both wrote messages to our loved ones on them, lit them and then sent them into the Northern lights above us.

Alison sent hers up first and as it reached the sky a shooting star appeared in the sky confirming that her mum was watching them too.

Then I sent mine up and all of sudden the Northern lights got brighter and brighter and exploded like a bomb of light bursting into different shades of green. We could see green swirls of light shimmering and shinning in the dark sky.

They shone so brightly and could feel them in my heart space confirming that my loved one was watching them too.

Then they faded again and we watched them for a while longer before we started our journey back home.

On the trip with us were too ladies who were into crystals and they said they would like to give us both a crystal each. We thanked them and excepted their gift gracefully.

They told me that they learnt about crystals on a crystal course so when I got back, I decided to do a crystal course in Holborn to learn more about crystals and all their properties.

That was the first spiritual course of many that I have taken through the years.

If you get a chance, I would highly recommend that you go and watch them with Kjetil as if anyone can find them for you, he will.

Sending your all, love, hugs and a little bit of sparkle from, 

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