Sound healing series – Toning – how to use your voice to heal your body and others.

Sound healing - Using your voice....

If you are interested in learning more about Sound Healing you can start by using your voice.

As a Sound Healer I have a lot of different instruments that I can use. However one tool that you can use, is a tool inside your body and that is your voice. This is done by a method that is called toning. 

It is so powerful. I use it to either clear my own chakra’s or a clients chakra’s. I also use my voice to clear imbalances when I am doing womb massage and other energic healing to remove blockages, heal and cleanse. 

So what is Toning ?

Toning is a method of Sound Healing using your own voice. It is used to balance and harmonise yours and others energetic pathways. This can be done either by connecting to your own energy system or someone else’s. You connect  to your higher self and see where the blockage or area that needs healing, Connecting to your heart and your higher self accesses what noise to make to heal the body and mind.  For the person that is receiving the healing, it can feel like heat and a feeling that area is pulsing. 

Famous practitioners that I have worked with that use toning are:

In 2015 I was taught how to work with sound by Tim and Cherub and also in 2015 by Eeshi-Ra (formally Ashera Hart)

If you would like to train as a Sound Healer I am am so happy to recommend the following.

Tim Wheater and Cherub

Tim Wheater and Cherub. 

Tim has a number of sound healing CD’s where he uses his voice. 

Lots of examples of his work can be found on, Spotify and You Tube. He is also one of the most amazing flute players that I have ever heard. When I listen to him playing the flute my whole body vibrates and brings out so many emotions I can feel my body healing and it also helps me to completely connect straight to divine light…

My first experience seeing Tim Wheater was a number of years ago when I saw him on stage at an Body, Mind festival. This is when I decided that I wanted to become a Sound Healer and have been using sound ever since. 

Both Tim and Cherub are masters of high frequency. 

For those that would learn more about becoming a Sound Therapist they will be teaching this year. Their course is called: – The Ancient Medicine of the Now. 

To find our more please see


Another teacher that I can recommend to learn from is Eeshi-Ra (formerly Ashera Hart). I learnt lots of techniques on using my voice and instruments with her at an Bodysonics weekend workshop in Lews in October 2015. 


I have also brought the most amazing Solfeggio tuning forks off her. 


Eeshi-Ra also uses her voice to heal her body and others. 

You can find examples of her work on Spotify. 


You can find out more at her website:

Eeshi-Ra also offers a beginners course to sound healing at Udemy as well as her wbsite. 

Through using our own voice. We can help to heal ourselves and others:


Through the recipient using their own voice.


Through using our own voice with another voice.


Through using our own voice whist listening to music.


Through using our own voice to help balance our Chakra’s.


Through listening to another person’s voice or a number of voices in a group setting. Using the healing power of OM.


Intention is a very important principle underlying how sound healing works. If we sing a pure sound to another person with a pure intention a healing will occur. Intention is not something that you do, but rather a force behind everything in the universe.


Therefore, it is very important that the you always have a clear mind and sets a good intention for the recipient and yourself before every healing.  

When Covid restrictions are over The Crow and I are hoping to do some Sound baths locally in North London for any of our sisters in London or surrounding areas that would like to join us. As an Crow and Unicorn Sisterhood member you will be given a discount code. 

We will be also looking how we can record a Sound Healing session for all of our sisters which will be available hopefully later on in the year.

In the meantime I am sending you all Love, light, huge hugs and of course a little bit of sparkle. 

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