It’s your time to sleep-zzzzz…

Why should you use flower remedies for sleep...


As a Flower Remedy Practitioner I use different flower remedies to remove different emotions that are stuck in my body.


Since my son was born over eight years ago, I haven’t sleep properly. I have tried everything from crystals, mediation, breathing and aromatherapy.


For the last time few weeks and after becoming a first-time puppy mummy, I was sleeping even less. This was because I was worrying about the puppy all night especially if I could hear it crying.

However, in the last few days a little voice in my head told me to try flower remedies to help me to sleep. A few years back I started taking: Sweet dreams by Findhorn essences.


I’m so glad that I remembered to try them again because it is a little miracle in a bottle. I am sleeping through the night with little disturbance until my little fur baby decides it’s time for a tinkle.  

A little bit about Findhorn Flower Essences.





Marion Leigh started making  flower essences in Findhorn in 1992 after working with Ian White who is the creator of Australian Bush Essences. 


Marion then attended a workshop with Dorothy Maclean who told her that Findhorn would be making flower remedies and she suggested to Marion that she should make them. 

It took over twenty years to make Findhorn’s forty eight flower essences. 


You can find out more about Findhorn Flower Essences and how to use them in the Findhorn Flower Essences handbook which you can purchase from their website.


(Please note-  Information above has been taking from their handbook). 

We are so blessed to have so many different kind of Flower Essences that we can buy in the UK. 


Ones that I would love to recommend are:


Findhorn –

Bach flower essences –

Australian Bush flower essences –

Flower essences of Australia –

Chalice Wells –


Please note there are so many amazing flower essences that you can choose from, the list above are from companies that I have personally taken. 


For Pets I would like to recommend a lovely, kind and very helpful lady called Caroline Thomas. 

Dingle Essences –

I will be talking about the benefits of taking flower remedies in more posts to come. 

In the mean sending you all love, hugs and a little bit of sparkle of course…. 



Nicola Rose Lush – Holistic Therapist, Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist, Flower Practitioner, Mediation Leader, 

Law of Attraction Teacher, Life Coach. 

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