Hi Sisters,


My name is Nicola and I am one of your sisterhood circle leaders.

I will be bringing in the energy of the Universe, Nature, Law of atrraction, Angels, Unicorns and white light.

I have decided to join all my sisters into our beautiful women’s circle as living in a modern world and not living in a community we have sadly lost connection of our powerful sisterhood circles.

Years ago, in certain cultures, when we lived together in a village or in a tribe. Woman of the village would come together to go into a red tent every month for their monthly bleed, to talk, support each other, tell tales of their ancestors, complete rituals. What went on in the circle was very powerful and was to be kept secret from the men of the village. When women come together this is when the magic happens.

Other examples of support circles is when one of the ladies of the village or tribe would give birth the other women of the village would support her and her baby to enter the world.

At the full moon and other cycles of the moon and seasonal wheel cycles, women risked their lives to meet up at night to honour the seasons, connect with goddess, do rituals etc. We are now free – to a certain degree to be able to follow these practises (before covid 19 hit us this year).

A hurdle to embracing our spiritual power is that anything out of the mainstream religions are frowned upon. Wise women and witches through the media, religion being portrayed as bad, evil, grasping and man hating. Women are afraid to embrace their own power and don’t rise up and do what we are really meant to do. We say NO, it’s time for women to take back their power and shine our beautiful light.

This year so many people will spiritually be waking up. I have been on a spiritual path for over a decade. My spiritual journey started through a huge trauma like most people. For the thousands of people waking up this year it is different and trauma will not be a trigger. However a lot of people that will waking up will be feeling lost not knowing what is going on. Will fear that their family and friends will judge them and think they are weird or talking rubbish. I felt drawn to giving woman that are new to waking to spirituality and also woman that have been on their spiritual path for a long time to come together and support one another.

Shonagh and I have thought about what we would like to have in a sisterhood circle if we were to join one ourselves and I have been and still go to a lot of them today.

There is something really special to dance, sing and connect with an amazing circle of women. However, we really wanted to bring something different. We wanted a place where women can come to our workshops, spiritual and non-spiritual and get together have some fun but also learn. We wanted a space where we can go back through generations to connect with our ancestors to learn family recipes and herbal recipes and have the ladies of our group share these with us.

I am very spiritual, where Shonagh brings an amazing scientific spiritual side to our circle.

I am such a spiritual and herbal geek when someone tells me that their Mum, Sister or Auntie has a traditional method, they use for an ailment, every part of me jumps for joy, so I hope you will enjoy this section as much as I will.

Both Shonagh and I love using our creative gifts to make things. So, we will be doing craft workshops with a sprinkle of spiritual magic here and there.

I am a great fan of Oracle cards and Shonagh has been reading the tarot for many years so we will be talking about tarot and Oracle cards.

We will create a private membership which will be a place for you all to off load or share happy stories etc and a place where our members will be able to have the support of all her sisters to get her through challenging times. A place where things can make us smile or cry with joy or sadness. To laugh out loud.

A safe place for women no matters what age, colour, race etc all seen as equal.

Our spiritual circle will have rituals each month and will connect us back to our roots.

Following the seasons of wheel. Connecting us with nature and all things spiritual.

I will be sharing knowledge I have learnt through the last decade. We are all on different paths, some old, some new, so I ask you all to be respectful and just read and watch everything with an open mind. If its not for you that’s ok. You never know it might not be for you now, but in six months you can look back and that little lightbulb will light up for that AHHHHHHHH moment.

So welcome sisters, no matter where you are in the world. Enjoy, bring your magic and light, to shine upon all of us.

Love and hugs, Nicola (The Unicorn) xxx