Imbolc – Fire Ritual to connect with Fire Goddess Bridget.

Herald of Spring

As Imbolc is coming up in the next few days. I was thinking of a way that I would like to connect with Bridget’s energy.

Please take a look at my Sister the Crow amazing post on Imbolc which explains all about Imbolc and gives lots of other rituals and things you can do to celebrate Imbolc. Including Seed cake and a Bridget cross. 

While I was looking through my beautiful Goddess book by Sue Jennings, I found a lovely ritual called.  

The fire gift for you and your friends.

I thought I would love to share this with my sisters, honouring both Goddess Bridget and the author Sue Jennings.

So, I have based this ritual on the beautiful one that she shares in her book and have made it my own.

Light a beautiful sacred fire using new Oak logs – If you don’t have oak logs please use other new sustainable wood.

Place your caldron or another suitable iron pot on the fire, making sure it is cleansed of any previous energy, fill it half way with spring, healing or holy water.

When possible place your own herbs that you have grown in your garden or herbs brought from a suitable source and gently stir the following herbs into your cauldron or pot.

Sage, Rosemary, Thyme and mint.  Other herbs can be used; however, these were the ones suggested in the book.

As the water starts to simmer, close your eyes and hold hands with your friends, while you connect with each others beautiful energy. 

As you breathe, start to enjoy the beautiful aromas that will start to fill the air in front of you.

As you all sit around your cauldron, start to focus your attention on the burning logs.

As you do, chant these following words, as you feel the energy from the fire fill your whole being and allow the fire to either

Calm your inner rage


Light your inner flame.

All stand holding hands and as you do, chant the following together with passion as you feel Bridget’s energy surround you.

Say the following.

I call upon the energy of Bridget the Goddess of fire, spread your energy, covering us with hope, harmony, joy and love. Cleanse and fill our wombs with your feminine, divine light, surrounding it with love so that so that it will bloom and grow anything we desire.

Bridget Goddess of fire – Bless our fire – say three times

Bridget Goddess of fire – Bless all your sisters here today – say three times.

Bridget Goddess of Fire – Fire our Resolve – say three times.

Bridget Goddess of fire – Burn away our rage – say three times

Bridget Goddess of fire – Fire our imagination – say three times

Bridget Goddess of fire – Light up our sacred inner light – say three times

Bridget Goddess of fire – Fire up our divine burning passion – say three times.

Bridget Goddess of fire – Ignite our hearts with Love – say three times.

Let there be inner peace in my heart and light up our paths ahead.

Bridget Goddess of fire we honour you and we give you thanks from our heart to yours.

And so, mote it be.

Then light a white candle and say the following.

Bridget Goddess of fire, I dedicate and burn this white candle to give love and thanks to you.

As you burn the candle connect with your heart space, honour both Goddess Bridget and yourself for this sacred moment and let the light burn out naturally.

When working with any Goddess I always like to also leave an offering.

As Bridget is a Goddess is connected to nature for your offering you can:

Put some seeded bird food out for the birds.

Clear up some rubbish that others have sadly left in nature.

You can also fill a sacred bowl full of grain and milk out for Bridget.

Or make a St Bridget’s cross or a Bridget doll in her honour.

With love and hugs and a little bit of sparkle,

The Unicorn xxx


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