Yule wreaths in one shape or form can be traced back to Celtic times, where the circle was thought to match the symbolism of the circle of eternal life. Greenery was used to decorate to bring in nature during the cold to continue the theme of birth, death and renewal. Bells, holly and other colours were used to protect the home, bring joy and as a reminder of the spring. Christians added a calendar to celebrate advent and in Scandinavian countries the Yule log was used to protect the home and bring fortune. 

The materials used for my wreath have been collected over the year, old decorations that I have saved, and branches from my garden. You can use anything you forage for in nature but please let it dry for a while and to ensure it is insect free our little insect friends are much better off outside!

I have used a glue gun to stick my wreath together, I do understand the environmental costs as the glue is yet another plastic we are introducing into the environment, However other adhesives of the same strength are more polluting and can give off dangerous fumes. Taking this into consideration I felt the glue gun was the best option for me. If you do not want to use a glue gun then wire or twine is also an ideal way to tie your wreath together. My glue gun was purchased for £5 and I do get my sticks from a certain shop costing £1 a time. 

Firstly I laid out my branches in the shape I wanted. If you want to do a slightly more complicated shape such as a pentagram I would suggest drawing out the shape and laying sticks over it until you get the shape you want. I then glued the ends over each other, if using twine or wire wrap the sticks together.

I then spent time laying out the various different items I had managed to collect, I settled on bells, hearts and pine cones along with the dried fruit from a mulled wine mix – a drink I love in winter.

The branches came from our Christmas tree this year after trimming the bottom, as they are no longer live I have dipped them in hairspray to keep the needles on for longer. I glued the ends in around the sticks.

I wrapped the twine around the top as a hook and done! I can often keep adding and need to stop reminding myself less is more. 

We would love to see some of you wreaths and logs please do add them into comments below.