Feeling drained? you may have met an Energy Vampire.

Energy Vampires – What are they?


Do you ever feel exhausted when you are around certain people?


In their presence can you feel them draining your life force away?


If so, they are called Energy Vampires.


I have someone very close to me who sadly does this when I see them. They also seem to do it even more if I am tired or not feeling very well. A lot of the time the person who does this to you doesn’t know they are doing it. However, as their energy seems to increase and they feel good, your energy will start to decline.


Energy vampires don’t always know that they are stealing your energy. However, for the person on the receiving end it can be very unpleasant.


Here are a few ways to help you to keep Energy Vampires at bay.

One is to carry a pouch full with the following; 


Black pouch – for protection.



Protection crystals.


Obsidian – Protection shield

Amethyst – Dissolves negativity

Black tourmaline –  Psychic protection from negative entities.

Selenite – Aura Cleansing

Labradorite – Protects Aura and grounds spiritual energies


Protection herbs.


Black pepper – Protection from Jealousy and negativity

Marjoram – To drive off those who would cause harm to loved ones or home.

Rosemary – Protection and purification

Sea salt – Cleanses and removes negative energy


Come have a chat in our Facebook group and show us your protection bags we would love to see what you have done and if this helps you sisters.


In our membership section you will find cleansing and protections tools in more detailed to be added shortly.


Sisters, please always remember to only use cleansed crystals when doing any type of healing or for protection and to always clean them after. 




Love, hugs and a sprinkle of sparkle,

The Unicorn xxx

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