Energy, grounding, energy systems – what do we mean? The basics

This month we are talking about grounding ourselves, rebalancing and getting that little bit closer to nature. But how do I work out if I need to rebalance, ground – what signs should I look out for? What even is grounding or balancing ourselves?


For those that are new, all the amount of information can get a bit overwhelming, so where to even start!


Lets start at the basics – these are systems that we use within our website and bring into our Sister Circle.


When we talk about energy what do we mean?


Shonagh, The Crow, – I think of energy as a bit like the energy in our brains. That it is formed of chemicals and energy, storing our memories, thoughts, actions and driving our hormones and that the Universe has its own energy. This energy influences and interacts with each other, so the universe’s energy influences us – our emotions and our body and likewise the energy we emit can influence those around us, be it other people, our living space or parts of the earth itself.


I also tend to look for the nuts and bolts of things, understanding where something comes from, how it was discovered, who first used it, what do we think it is – all help me to connect. I find it difficult to take things on faith, that they just are and we only need to feel them. However on my journey this is something I have had to balance as sometimes you will start something and there is no ‘nuts and bolts’ explanation as to what you experience.


Nicola, The Unicorn – For Nicola – Energy is her whole being. Nicola feels, smells and completely embodies energy. 

This can extremely hard for her at times, being energy sensitive can amazing when she is doing a healing. However in daily life can be very exhausting for her as well. Nicola needs to make sure that she cleanses when she starts to feel unbalanced or she can start to feel really ill. Saying this Nicola loves working with energy, with all it’s positive and negative traits, she connects with The Earths Energy, Cosmic Energy and Divine light when she is doing Energic Healing/massage, through mediation and much more on a daily basis. 


Imagine a big web of energy, some from the Earth and all the physical things around you, some from the universe, moon and the stars, some from the emotions and thoughts of others, some from higher spiritual places and universal planes. Your body needs to balance all this energy coming in and going out.


What  is Balance and grounding?


The main drive of understanding our energy is to make sure that it is flowing unhindered in our bodies, not being lost or built up.  

This is balance. 


Most of our energy comes from the Earth and Universe in order to replenish what is lost during everyday life or traumatic events. Grounding yourself is a method. Also when seeking higher spiritual plains, say during meditation, making sure you are grounded back to the earth afterwards is important so that your energy stays in balance.

Feeling unbalanced can lead to emotional and physical distress so when feeling that something is ‘off’ it is always a good idea to ground yourself to see if that helps. Please have a  look at our blog posts for grounding exercises.   

Nicola, The Unicorn always recommends that one of the easiest ways to ground yourself is to take off your socks and shoes and stand on the earth/grass. 

Nicola also would like to recommend that If this isn’t very easy for you another way is to purchase a grounding mat or sheet from –

Cleansing yourself and your homes can help with unwanted or negative energies that make their way in from negative emotions, people or situations please  do see our blog posts on cleansing.  

Understanding different energy systems



Chakras were first mentioned in the Vedas text over three thousand years ago, the word Chakra translates from Sanskrit and means wheel, vortex or disk.


The Chakra energy within the body is a spinning wheel of energy positioned over one of the chakra points. Each chakra supplies energy that effects your body, emotional and physical well being and spiritual well being. 


Just like the neurons in your brain store energy, Chakras store the energy of your experiences and feelings and sometimes these negative energies need to be cleared out. We will mainly be working with Chakra energies in our Sister Circle and Nicola has been working with and learning about Chakras for a long time please see The unicorns blog posts for working with your Chakras. 


An Aura are layers of energy that radiate from your body and interact with the energy of your surroundings, these may possibly be bio fields that have been scientifically studied. For those that have been able to see and interact with Auras they can tell by the energy and colour where health problems are in the body, be it emotional, physical or spiritual. 


Their are seven layers in your aura which will be explained in more details in another post which will be available when you join our sisterhood circle. 


Dr Valerie Hunt was a research scientist at UCLA is the pioneering scientist in her field studying the auras or Bio fields that humans produce. She spent her career studying the fields we produce and how they can relate to ‘health, disease and malfunction of mind and body’. Sadly passing away in 2014 however her work has continued at UCLA.


Understanding how we can look after our auras and how they relate to the world can help to protect our energy. To read and learn more about Bio fields as Aurua’s, Dr. Hunt wrote a number of well received books

Earth Energies


For Shonagh coming from a scientific background Earth energy feels to her as described in science as magnetic fields and bio fields. The use of these forces by animals to navigate, to know when to hibernate and to mate. It has been theorised in some studies that humans have this too and this may also be then referring to this earth energy we can feel.


For Nicola, she uses Earth’s energies when she grounds her self to the Earth. By Connecting to her Earth Star, different layers of the Earth, Mother Earth/Gaia, Nature Spirits, Shamanic practises and much more…..



The energy we get when the seasons change, when walking through forests, when we have our hands in the earth planting. When you walk into a room get a shiver and know something bad has happened there or when you walk into a place of calm and it feels like home. Those can be Earth energies calling out and mixing with your own. 

Energy from the physical universe

Feeling the suns rays on our face, the pull of the moon on our tides, the alignment of the stars and planets within the the universe effects our world.


Again imagine the web of energy with our planet sitting in there at times as the celestial bodies move through the universe they can align to become more powerful energy or wane where you may feel their effects less.


Astrology, moon effects, the pull of the seasons are all large effects we can physically see coming from the physical energy of the universe but there are also the effects on body, mind and technology.


These effects in Science, which is the Crows background, are well known and felt – gravitational pulls from our moon affect our major bodies of water, the position of the sun affects our seasons. What is less know within Science is how to work with these energies to benefits mind, body, spirit and planet. This is where the harmony with taking a spiritual journey can start, the need not to measure and explain everything but to just accept that this is the way that energy works for you.

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has revisited the famous Pillars of Creation. Astronomical Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Universal Spiritual Energy


Spiritual energy comes from outside our physical realms, those places we can travel too or reach during journeying or meditation. Many people have different theories about those Celts called them the under and upper worlds, The Norse used similar terminology with earth being the middle world. It’s connecting to the spirits of the land, the spirits of the lower world, spirits of the upper world. our ancestors, the universe, seeking the blessings of the many Goddess and Gods that serve our world. 


Many experience a connection to a higher or universal consciousness when developing their spiritual energy. This could be the energy or prayer, or ritual, meditation. That feeling of belonging to something more. 


Nicola works with Universal Spiritual Energy daily and connects with the Universe when she works with the Law of Attraction. Through mediation, Angels,  Ascended masters, spirit guides, Unicorn Energy, Star Beings, Father Sky and all that is and much more.


Spiritual energy was the energy the Crow felt hardest to work with when starting her journey. It is one of those areas of spirituality that is just felt, it just is. There is no scientific measurement or scientific explanation for it. Many in the Scientific community dismiss as psychology leading to rifts between the Scientific and Spiritual community – it can impossible to enter conversation with those who dismiss everything you say as a simple fancy. Coming from a Scientific background however there are many reasons I personally think that so many scientists dismiss any form of spirituality and religion  due to scientific method. However somethings just can’t be measured and maybe we shouldn’t try. Once you start to connect to spiritual energy through which ever method draws and connects you to the feeling of something bigger. 

Energy nexus

Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality. When we recognize our place in an immensity of light‐years and in the passage of ages, when we grasp the intricacy, beauty, and subtlety of life, then that soaring feeling, that sense of elation and humility combined, is surely spiritual. So are our emotions in the presence of great art or music or literature, or acts of exemplary selfless courage such as those of Mohandas Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both.”

― Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

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