Welcome to The Crow and the Unicorn connect and create membership.

Are you attracted to-


Nature, mixed media, journaling, creative writing, getting crafty in the kitchen, all crafting, anything spiritual?


If so, you have been guided here to share your crafty creations, nature pictures, spiritual tips and so much more. 


Come and connect with your soul family.


Looking forward to meeting you on our private Facebook membership group. 


Leaving you all with love a huge hug and a sprinkle of sparkle, 


Nicola the Unicorn xxxx 

Spiritual crafters.



 Welcome to The Crow and the Unicorn connect and create membership. 


By sharing my Sacred knowledge, my creative self, nature and mixed media. I create workshops aimed to to connect you to your inner creative goddess. 


In turn increasing your well being, mental health and connection to the Universe, 

Sacred Divine, community and yourself.


I believe that the act of creating things from Art, Crafting, Cookery, planting, tinctures – anything we make ourselves, 

connects us to our heart space, higher selves and the Universe. 


I believe there is something spiritual in everything we make – a small piece of ourselves, 

is then sent to the Universe and connects us with something bigger.


Nicola the Unicorn xxx 

Connect and create with me.

Your spiritual journey with me.

Working with the Law of attraction I am here to help you to reach your goals and desires. 

Connect with me on my Nicola Rose Lush Holistic page for holistic tips for your body, mind and spirit. 

Connect with the energies of nature and Mother Earth with me.

Your creative journey

Join me for Mixed media Mondays.


Every two weeks, I set a mixed media task.


Our private Facebook page is a place for you to share and showcase your creations. 


Certain times of the year I will also be setting a mixed media task for things like Halloween/Samhain, Christmas/Yule, Easter etc. 

Join me for creative writing Thursday.


This is a place for you to connect with your inner writer and share your poems, stories, affirmations, mediations and anything else you enjoy writing on our private Facebook page. 

Join me for journalling Friday. 



Whether you like to write in a gratitude journal, a book of shadows or a book of your creations. 



Share what you are putting in your journal with your connect and create family. 

Please also check out the rest of our website. For posts and articles. 

Magical testimonials


Nicola will work with the Celtic wheel of the year and connect you back to nature through, knowledge wisdom, rituals. Connecting you to Mother Earth and the wonders she brings.

Oracle and Tarot

By working with Oracle cards, on Oracle Tuesday. Nicola will bring in different energies and guidance - working with the universe, the divine and her higher self.

See what messages come up for the group weekly.

Inner Work

Nicola works on a higher level to bring you balance, love, creativity and guidance. To help your growth both physically and mentally.

Energy Work

Nicola will raise you up to align with the higher realms, then ground you back to connect you to Mother Earth’s heart space.