Happy Spring Equinox 20th March 2021

Celebrating the Spring equinox – history and ideas.

This is an amazing time of year as the northern part of the hemisphere awakens from the winter hibernation fully – energy abounds and new life is all around us. In the UK we have many different traditions celebrated for the Spring Equinox and stories abound to connect and bring joy.


Spring equinox is when the Earth is perfectly positioned in orbit around the sun to receive an almost equal day and night. After the equinox our days are longer and nights shorter, welcoming back that daylight and new energy. There have been recorded

celebrations and evidence of celebrations going back in time within Human prehistory. This is a special day for us all. In fact many societies started their calendars around the equinox for example the Roman¹, Persian, Babylonian, Iranian and Indian Calendars starting around the Spring equinox².

Ostara – as with many traditions the origins of Ostara are contested by some historians. The Goddess Ēostre’s who is thought to have provided her name as a Germanic goddess arriving with the Anglo-Saxons is honoured by many modern pagans at the Spring equinox. There is some contesting the origin³ as only one historical mention of Esotra has been uncovered in a medieval manuscript by Bede (who was horribly biased towards anything outside Christianity). Bede wrote that Anglo- Saxons held feast in honour of the Goddess  Ēostre.


However tradition must start somewhere and the beautiful stories that are written are there to be enjoyed and learnt from. A true celebration is how we feel when taking part and an Ostara celebration is a wonderful thing to be part of. There are many wonderful writings associated with spring, You are Ostara by Diana Paxon for more of her writing please do have a look at her website she is an amazing writer and pagan priestess https://diana-paxson.com/

Celebrating the Spring Equinox

Just getting out during the spring (wrap up warm if its cold!) and look at the life around you. Today we watched magpies building their nest getting ready to welcome new life, the flowers that have bloomed and take time to listen to the sounds of nature around you. Even in the city it will be there – I live in London and am very thankful for our green spaces as I can still connect to nature without having to leave the city. 

We will have a meal tonight cooked with thanks and shared with the animals outside and will spend the day being thankful for coming through winter and that the days will now grow longer. 

Here are some more ideas for you to celebrate the spring equinox either personally or with others.


Love and blessings xxx 

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