An uplifting, invigorating Aromatherapy blend for December

by The Unicorn

Inhale the magic of relaxation, peace and uplifting essential oils…
As winter starts to approach, the black dark nights seem to fade more into our day, the cold winter breeze hits us like icy needles penetrating our winter coats or uncovered faces, as the leaves from the trees have all dropped, revelling the bare, arms of our ancient friends, we hear them whistling and talking to each other as they move and sway, it looks like they are waving and saying hello to us as we walk by.

We start to retreat more into the warmth of our homes. A warm smooth creamy hot chocolate to our lips is like a liquid gold, satisfying and warming us as it runs down our throat. As we wrap ourselves in a fluffy warm blanket, it makes us feel loved and cosy as it lays upon our skin while we listen to music or watch tv.

For some who love winter and snuggling under a blanket with a nice warming drink, this is a time to relax both our bodies and mind. For others wintertime is a season where we start to feel lonely and sad, we withdraw indoors, retreating more from the dark and cold outside.

This is sometimes when aromatherapy can be the most beneficial. So, for those winter days and nights when we want to relax under that warm cosy blanket or need a pick me in the morning to turn our upside down smiles the other way, I will be sharing two magic blends. The first blend is for relaxing, the second is for a nice good old-fashioned pick me up.

Now for a little bit of magic;

Blend 1.
Bergamot Mint’s Pocket of Peace Inhaler.
First blend is taken from the book The Heart of Aromatherapy by Andrea Butje from the Aromahead Institute.

The first is to be put into a personal inhaler so that you can carry it around in your pocket. You can buy inhalers and essential oils off the internet.
The book describes this blend as having a pocket of peace and relaxation.
This recipe is to calm your nervous system and uplift your heart:

  • 6 drops of bergamot mint. You can use bergamot essential oil if you don’t have access to bergamot mint.
  • 3 drops of spikenard
  • 3 drops of cedarwood
  • 3 drops of frankincense.

Add the essential oil drops to the cotton component of an aromatherapy inhaler.

Blend 2.
This blend and information have been taken from the purple Neil’s Yard Essential oils book

The trio of reviving oils can lift our spirits and boast any flagging energy you may be feeling. The zesty and energizing aroma’s of grapefruit help to simulate the body and mind while the floral aroma helps to balance emotions by both uplifting and calming the mind. Lastly Jasmine completes the blend superbly as it increases feelings of wellbeing. Makes 30ml

  • Unscented shower gel 2 tbsp
  • Grapefruit essential oil 4 drops
  • Jasmine absolute or essential oil 4 drops
  • Geranium essential oil 1 drop

Mix the essential oil drops with the unscented shower gel. The ingredients can be found at any of the UK Neil’s yard shops or over the internet.
Use in the shower first thing in the morning for an energizing boost that will help you to start the day on a positive note.

Please note if you have a medical condition, pregnant, adolescent or elderly essential oils are not always suitable to use.
Please always research and check with a qualified Aromatherapist if you have a medical condition before using any essential oils.
Essential oils should never be ingested unless it has been prescribed by a qualified clinical aromatherapist.
Please make sure that you are using pure essential oils and not fragrance oils on your skin.

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