A ritual to clear negative energy and transform

This is a small ritual that can be done when you need to clear your head, as part of a larger ceremony or when you need to conduct rituals privately.


The aim of this ritual is to help you focus on aspects in your life that you would like to change or be rid of. This ceremony will hopefully help you focus on what those might be and steps that you can take to work with the universe, yourself and your energy.

Things you will need: A bowl of water, paper, pencil a candle (or candles), a quiet 10 minutes or so.

  • Fill the bowl with water, as you fill the bowl send thanks to the water that brings and purifies life;
  • Light your candle(s) and send thanks to the sun that will be returning;
  • Take the paper and spend a some moments in a quiet meditation thinking about the feelings, actions, things and beliefs that have held you back or hurt you over the year. As the thoughts come write them down;
  • Take the paper and cut/rip into small pieces and let them pass through the flames so they turn to ash. Let each thought burn away to cleanse your subconscious mind. Let the burning paper drop into the water. Your thoughts have been cleansed with fire and purified with water;
  • Repeat this until your mind is no longer bringing up thoughts and your heart feels easier;
  • On another paper or journal write your list for the new year. Write what you want, be clear with your intentions, be as specific as you can, write from your heart and be clear;
  • Blow out the candle, thanking the Sun and wash away the water and ashes thanking again the water and you are done.

Please don’t view your list as resolutions that you have to do all at once. They are aspirations of where you feel your ideal is. Take the time to think later of the small practical steps you can take to make each thing happen.

Blessing be and love to you all.  

 A note, if you are suffering from mental health problems and your thoughts are of self harm to yourself or others, severe feelings of unworthiness, just a pit of despair please,  please reach out to speak to your Doctor, someone you trust, a charity you are not alone many people feel and suffer.

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